Petition on Waiting Times!


If you are being affected by long waiting times for a driving test you may be interested in a petition that has been started by Noel Gaughan, who writes in DIA’s Driving Instructor magazine.

The ADINJC believes that this is something all the national associations should be supporting, in an effort to bring pressure to bear and get some action from the government.  You may not currently be affected by this terrible situation, but there are some test centres with waiting list of over 3 months, and some where it just hasn’t been possible to book a test at all – who knows where the problem might move to next and it could affect you if it hasn’t already.  So we would like to encourage our members not only to sign the petition, but spread the word about it.  Get your pupils and their family members to sign it too.  Get your family and friends to sign and pass it on!

A petition that gets 10,000 signatures has to receive a response from the government.  Surely with 40,000+ ADIs we can do that!  But to do it we do need everybody’s help, don’t just leave it to somebody else – if you believe waiting lists are too long please sign and get others to sign too.

The petition can be found at –


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