“I highly recommend John Cordell as a driving instructor. Both my kids have successfully learnt to drive with him. He’s very professional and well organised which has been invaluable during a frustrating few months of cancelled tests and stop start driving lessons due to Covid. My son recently passed his test with no minor faults and my daughter continues to be a confident driver. A testament to his skills as an instructor. Definitely 5 stars!”

Sue F

Welwyn Garden City

“John was a fantastic instructor who gave me great confidence whilst learning to drive. He ensured I felt comfortable with every aspect of driving and mentored me through to test. He has even offered some extra lessons after passing my test as I’m not confident with motorway driving. I’m very pleased to have passed my test as I have not felt comfortable with previous instructors. I now feel confident in my ability to drive well and safely. I would recommend John 100%. Learning to drive with him was also fun and I looked forward to each lesson.”


Welwyn Garden City

“John is an incredibly good driving instructor, I’ve had my fair share of driving instructors and he was the only one that gave me the confidence and knowledge to succeed in passing my driving test. My lessons were a thoroughly enjoyable experience and john always put me at ease and made me feel comfortable, which for a nervous driver is pretty good going! I would definitely recommend john to anyone learning to drive!”

Chloe H


“Before I started learning to drive I was really nervous. However John put me at ease and gave me confidence from the outset. Lessons were always taught in a clear, structured but most importantly, enjoyable way. Under John’s guidance I managed to pass first time with no faults. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!”

Eleanor N


“Passed my driving test first time with no minor/fault marks, so so happy! Couldn’t of done it without John. Great instructor, explains everything very well, makes your learning to drive experience so much easier! Will recommend John to everyone I can. Thankyou so much John, legend! :D”

George P


“I started learning with John after moving from another instructor who I wasn’t progressing with. John immediately put me at ease and was really fun to learn with, treating me like an individual, always being calm and clear in his explanations and having complete faith in my abilities. I’d recommend him to anyone – thanks John!”

Kate R

Welwyn Garden City

“Thanks for the great job you did with my son. I don’t think he would have done so well with any other instructor.”

Cris W


“Lessons with john were always a laugh. He adapts to how you learn best and helps you feel relaxed and confident. I always looked forward to my lessons. I would recommend John to everyone!”

Emily C


“There was never a dull moment when learning to drive with John! He explains everything so clearly and is easy to talk to from the word go. Managed to pass my test 1st time with only 2 minors, would recommend him to anyone, cheers John!”

Archie R

Peters Green

“Amazing support, good advice and always enjoyable atmosphere in the car. Thank you John! See you soon!”

Alicja P


“Choosing john as an instructor was a great decision in all aspects. John is organised, welcoming, easy to talk to and most importantly a brilliant instructor always willing to help. He is always willing to find a convenient time to fit you in and I would highly recommend John as your driving instructor.”

Jack H


“John has been an amazing instructor, he’s very welcoming and easy to talk to. He makes you feel very comfortable and there’s never a dull moment, plus the wine gums are a great bonus!!”

Jodie W

Welwyn Garden City

“You were absolutely fab! You were incredibly patient and didn’t get frustrated but stayed very encouraging. You’re flexibility with timings were so helpful in allowing me to do my test as quickly as possible. Couldn’t have wished for a better instructor! Thank you so much!!”

Hannah L


“I was very nervous when I first started my driving lesson being that bit older than most. But John made me feel comfortable in the car and made learning to drive a lot easier. Thanks to John I passed first time. He is a great guy to talk to and an even better instructor. He was always calm and confident even when I wasn’t and this helped me to build up my own confidence whilst driving .He was also very understanding when I needed to change a lesson date and would almost instantly be able to find another time that would suit us both. I simply can’t recommend John enough.”

Jennie R

“John helped me gain knowledge and confidence with my driving which lead to successfully passing my test. I am now happy to be in any situation on the road.”

Ewan H


“John Cordell was my instructor for a series of months before passing my driving test. I came to John with no previous driving experience at all; he made me feel at ease throughout all my lessons and reassured me when the manoeuvres and other elements didn’t come naturally. I enjoyed my time with John and would recommend him to anyone as not only a driving instructor but also as a person.”

Woody S


“John’s such a great driving instructor. His manner and way of business is so reassuring when learning to drive. I passed first time with only one minor all thanks to John! Cheers”

Barney B


“John was a great instructor, he ensured all the lessons suited my way of learning and there was no pressure to learn faster. Lessons were relaxed and fun, any help I needed or extra lessons I required john always tried to fit them in. Overall a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks John!!”

Rebeka D


“John’s lessons were never stressful and made learning to drive an achievable task. He tackled both the test and improving as a driver in an effective and fun manner.”

Chris M-H


“John was a brilliant instructor, very professional and friendly, also a combination of patience and a great sense of humour made learning to drive fun and put me at ease!”

Hannah B-A

Welwyn Garden City

“Highly enjoyed learning to drive with John, I used to look forward to lessons. I felt like there was no pressure when out in the car because of the relaxed environment John provided. We used to always have a laugh.”

Hugh P


“John was a fantastic driving instructor; he was friendly yet professional and very knowledgeable. He always went the extra mile to ensure my success.”

Ben MC


“Learning with John was great, easy and fun. He is very patient and gives brilliant advice so I learned very quickly. Most importantly I passed first time!”

Will B


“Learning with John made me feel safe and confident whilst on the roads, but was also brilliant fun. The relaxed learning environment made learning to drive an enjoyable and rewarding experience, I would recommend John to anyone looking for a dedicated and knowledgeable instructor.”

Zoe S

Welwyn Garden City

“Great driving instructor. Always punctual and the lesson length was perfect for fitting everything in. Great feedback was given-instead of just improvement feedback you were also told what you were doing well which builds up your confidence in driving. Confidence is what you need after all! I’m still recommending John to everyone I know who wants to learn to drive as I was really pleased with the quality of the lessons.”

Emily L


“I genuinely cannot tell you how happy I am that I stumbled across you when I was looking for someone to teach me to drive. You made everything really fun and easy to remember, and had the patience of a saint! You were always there when you said you would be, and I never felt short-changed after a lesson with you – in fact I looked forward to them, which I never thought would be the case when learning to drive! We had fun, AND I passed first time – what more could I have asked for?”

Jenny C

Welwyn Garden City

“My experience with John Cordell was fantastic. He is a very good driving instructor as he is patient, focused and fun and I always looked forward to my lessons with him. Right before my driving test, John made me feel relaxed and this really helped to calm my nerves. I would recommend everyone including my family and friends to take driving lessons with him. Keep up the good work John. Thank you so much.”

Diane C


“John Cordell didn’t just help me pass my test, he made me a good driver. He goes above and beyond to teach you how to drive safely and effectively. And at the prices he charged I couldn’t complain. John doesn’t give up on you and always sees every lesson as positive no matter what stage of driving you are at. Learn to drive with john you won’t regret it.”

Grant C


“Learning to drive with John was a great experience. He made me feel very confident from the start and he was always calm and professional. Having a great teacher who managed to make every lesson fun took all of the stress out of learning to drive. I looked forward to my lessons and always learnt a lot. Thanks to John I passed my test first time. John is a brilliant instructor and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Judith M


“John has been the most amazing instructor. He has never failed to make me laugh in every lesson yet still managed to get me through my test first time, without any faults! He has been so supportive, finding extra time to ensure I was completely happy and helping to control my nerves on the day. I never thought learning so much in an hour or two could be that much fun! I have loved every second of my driving experience and that’s all thanks to John. Anyone would be lucky to have him as their instructor, so I will be recommending him to everyone! Thanks so much John, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Hannah L


“Thank you so much for getting me through that SCARY test! You’re a great instructor and I will continue to recommend you.”

Claire K


“I Had already booked my test when I changed instructors to John, and as my previous instructor was unreliable, I wanted someone who I could be certain would get me through my test and provide me with good quality and intense lessons. My friend had just passed 1st time with John as an instructor so I called him. John was always happy to fill in his last free slot in the day to fit in a lesson if it meant that I would feel more confident about my test. He was always punctual and easy to get along with, and contributed greatly to helping me pass 1st time! I would highly recommend John as a driving instructor to anyone. ”

Laura C

Welwyn Garden City

“Lessons were always great fun yet I always found I had learnt a lot more after each session. Taking your driving test is always going to be daunting but I couldn’t have had better preparation from my driving instructor and passing first time was the best feeling ever! I enjoyed every lesson I had and the level of patience and professionalism was fantastic.”

Katie L

St Albans

“I immediately felt comfortable in the car. I had two instructors before John. I’d had several lessons, but didn’t even know the basics properly. John treated me like an individual, taught me how to drive in a structured way, rather than reversing before I could drive properly. He was calm, even when I lost control of the car! This was reassuring. He went above and beyond to get me lessons before my exam, and booked everything for me when I needed to pass quickly. John is a really nice person and I felt really well looked after in his hands, he gave me confidence in myself and in him as a skilled teacher. I was lucky enough to have John teach me how to drive, where were you for my uni exams!”

Moyn A


“John is a first class driving instructor, who had complete faith in my ability to get me through my test with flying colours. Learning to drive with him was a fun and memorable experience. He has the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your full potential and gain success. His positive attitude is second to none! He creates a warm and friendly environment, helping you to achieve success. In my opinion, he is simply the best”

Katie W


“Lessons went very well from the beginning and any mistakes were pointed out and corrected very quickly. You were friendly but still professional and I appreciated your honest advice about when I was ready to take my test. After only 13 lessons I passed my test at the 1st attempt with no faults at all. I would recommend you to anybody.”

Charlie C


“I very much enjoyed learning with John, it was great fun. He was very patient, reliable and friendly. He made me feel very relaxed especially when it came to learning my manoeuvres; which he concisely and clearly broke down into bite size manageable movements, making the whole experience a lot less daunting.”

Hannah L


“I was so lucky to get john as a driving instructor; he taught me so much and i couldn’t have asked for more from the lessons. I really enjoyed learning to drive, and feel confident and safe on the road.”

Eppie H


“Well I finally passed my test 1st time & for someone in their mid-40’s that’s a big deal!! I was recommended to John by someone in my village as their son had passed last year with him, I finally plucked up the courage in Dec to make that callto John & blooming heck best decision I have ever made, I was very nervous as it had been a very long time since I had sat behind the steering wheel which I explained to John on the phone. From that 1st phone call I knew we would get on so well, just by speaking to him he made feel at ease. John is an amazing instructor and over a few lessons my confidence just grew and totally fell in love with driving again! John’s ability to explain about roundabouts or crossroads were unbelievable, his knowledge, the fabulous advice and the calming attitude made my lessons so much easier. I had a goal to reach & by George he got me there! I can’t thank you enough John for teaching & helping me to pass my test, and making my lessons soooo enjoyable, will certainly miss the Monday mornings, the footie banter and the fun. Will totally recommend John 100% to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Looking forward to the motorway lessons or the Pass plus that are coming up. Thanks again.”



“John was a great instructor for our daughter. From a parents’ perspective he is fantastic. He communicates directly with the pupil which really helps when trying to fit in lessons with school etc. He is so patient and kind even when nerves are fraught and stress levels high. He arranges test appointments if you want which makes the logistics of it all so easy, and he always comes to the door in case you have any questions etc. Basically perfect and most importantly our daughter is now a safe and confident driver. I think he’ll be getting a request for motorway lessons soon!”


Welwyn Garden City

“Massive thanks for getting my son through his test. He really appreciated the extra effort you made to make sure he was ready to pass and the support you gave him in the run up to the test. Changing instructor was the best decision we ever made – you made a huge difference. Thank you.”

Ingrid S

St Albans

“John is a superb driving teacher. Would not recommend any one else for the job. Looked forward to every lesson. In a short while I had passed first time with 2 minors. Happy Days!!! Thanks John for all your help and patience.”

Emily H


“I thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons experience with John. He made me feel at ease. Myself and my brother passed first time with John and we have also recommended him to friends who have also passed first time.”

Charlotte S

Welwyn Garden City

“John is an excellent driving instructor; patient, knowledgeable and professional, but more than this he made driving lessons fun and I looked forward to every one! I was a nervous driver but John put me at ease, boosted my confidence and I managed to pass first time. I would recommend John to everyone. Thank you so much for all your help!”

Poppy G


“John is really friendly and professional. He made me feel very at ease in the car and was happy to go over things a countless number of times until I got it right. I had a lot of fun learning with John and I passed my test first time after only 6 or 7 two hour lessons! I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Catherine W


“Having John as my driving instructor boosted me with confidence to pass that dreaded driving test – first time! Every lesson John would answer all of my questions calmly, even the ones I had asked a million times before. There was never a dull moment in the lessons with John calming my nerves with his patience and good sense of humour. John is an amazing instructor and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Charlotte D


“Working with John was great. Really nice guy and an even better instructor. Gave me loads of confidence so that when i passed (first time) i felt self behind the wheel. Strongly recommend!”

Joel S

Mackerye End

“John kindly agreed to help me with a few lessons coming up to my test and i was very grateful for this due to his busy timetable. I made him aware of my nerves and determination to pass asap and John was very friendly about this and got me there in the end! I’d recommend him to anyone!!”

Antonella S

St Albans

“Your lessons provided me with all the information and tools I needed to be a confident driver, while still being a relaxed and fun experience.”

Louis C


“Who knew driving lessons could be so much fun?! I looked forward to every lesson I had with John and always came away feeling more confident and happy driving a car! Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! Thank you John.”

Chloe-Ann C


“John is a great driving instructor. For something which is potentially quite stressful, John is really encouraging and friendly. He explains each stage in a very simple way to help understanding. Several of my friends learnt with John and we all used to look forward to the next lesson!”

Hannah T

Welwyn Garden City

“Learning with John, I never felt nervous or scared. He made sure i was always relaxed and took things at my own pace.”

Tom G


“Choosing to learn with John was the best thing i ever did. He made lessons so enjoyable and I looked forward to them every week. I went into my test feeling extremely confident and as a result passed first time. I could not have done this without John, he is friendly, kind, approachable and calm (even in my time of need”) I wouldn’t think twice about recommending him and would do it all over again if I could.”

Ella L


“John is a brilliant driving instructor who put me at ease with his friendly manner and great sense of humour. His patience and support helped me build my confidence while learning to drive. I have recommended John to a number of friends & family and will continue to do so!”

Tom H


“I chose John as a driving instructor as he came very highly recommended from many people I know. I really enjoyed my driving lessons, they were always fun and never seemed a chore! John spent time explaining each stage of driving I was at and made sure I was fully comfortable when learning. He was always there to help and support me. Now, after driving for 2 years I feel full of confidence which I may not have had if I chose a different instructor. I recommend John to anyone that is wanting to learn to drive.”

Georgie L

Welwyn Garden City

“John was both professional and patient as a driving instructor. He made me feel comfortable and allowed me to go at my own pace. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to become a confident new driver.”

Keeli A

London Colney

“Learning to drive with John was great fun. He made me feel at ease and comfortable in the car. I didn’t pass first time and whilst I found this pretty upsetting, John was very supportive and quickly built up my confidence again to go back and pass my test! I looked forward to my lessons and would always recommend him.”

Emily S

Great Amwell

“John is a brilliant driving instructor, he makes the lessons fun and enjoyable so you don’t feel nervous, and even helps you with information that you will need for your theory test.”

Vicky G


“Excellent instructor, friendly and easy to understand. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to learn.”

Tom C

Burnham Green

“Finding John through a random internet search was pretty lucky! I had a great experience learning to drive. His teaching skills are excellent, with humorous toy cars and diagrams to demonstrate! He built up my driving skills from the basics, tackling each aspect separately and I think that was the best for me. I was happy as I had a weekly lesson slot, meaning it was consistent. John booked my test for me and dealt with the hassle of finding a good slot. I passed first time and have loved driving ever since! A lot of people I know have had bad experiences with their driving instructors but I’d really recommend John as I had no problems!”

Ellie J


“I passed my driving test first time with my instructor John. He was a fun person to spend time with and the teaching never felt overwhelming yet still challenged me enough so that i felt that I was making good progress each lesson. This enabled me to pass really quickly as requested! I would definitely recommend John to anyone, and have done so to many friends already!”

Rachel S


“Learning to drive with John could not be a better experience. He’s a brilliant instructor who always knows how to put you at ease and I always thoroughly enjoyed my lessons.”

Louise P

Welwyn Garden City

“I’d had two instructors before John and was close to giving up, as driving didn’t seem to come naturally to me and I didn’t feel I was making any progress. But when I started with John all that changed. He was incredibly patient with me and gradually built up my confidence. He didn’t just help me pass my test, but taught me how to actually drive and I use those skills every day. He’s a great instructor!”

Lucy M


“My driving experience with John was very enjoyable, he is a proficient, experienced and effective driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Katie E


“Hello, I remember when I started my driving lessons with John I could not move the car, he was able to build my confident over time. John is a very patient man and a good teacher who guides with lots of aids to assist me in driving. Over time I was always looking forward to my weekly lessons and all he taught me paid off, during my test I was very confident I will pass .I will recommend John to anyone who wishes to pass his/her driving lesson with ease. Thank you John, you are the best.”

Carol U

Welwyn Garden City

“I just want to say a huge thank you, for helping me to pass my test FIRST TIME, and with only 14 lessons. I would and have recommended John to other learners, all because of his enthusiasm, witty sense of humour and his ability to make you feel completely relaxed and safe in the car with him. Thank you again John for everything.”

Kallen G

Welwyn Garden City

“Learning to drive with John was a great experience. He made me feel very confident from the start and he was always calm and professional. Having a great teacher who managed to make every lesson fun took all of the stress out of learning to drive. I looked forward to my lessons and always learnt a lot. Thanks to John I passed my test first time. John is a brilliant instructor and I would recommend him to anyone. John is the best driving instructor!! I recommend him to everyone! Thanx to him,me and my friend passed our tests:) and lessons were great fun too!”

Holly G

Welwyn Garden City

“I enjoyed learning with John. His explanations and teaching were easy to understand. I tried learning with two other instructors but neither helped me at all and John was such a big help in passing first time on both my practical and theory tests. I don’t know if I would of done that with anyone else. Thanks again John”

John H-N

St Albans

“John is a great instructor. I was really scared about driving but John helped me to become a confident driver. Thanks to him I passed my test first time, which was the best feeling ever! I enjoyed all my lessons because John made them fun too, but I still found that after every lesson I had learnt so much. I have told all my friends about John and I highly recommend him to anyone else. ”

Charlotte B


“The best Driving Instructor I had, third time lucky and I passed 1st time! He took the pressure off learning to drive and actually managed to make learning fun, a skill only a few can master!!! I have recommended him to all my friends needing lessons. ”

Aai’Sha M

St Albans

“I was absolutely terrified before my first lesson but within the first few minutes of my lesson I was made to feel completely at ease. I looked forward to my lessons, where I was pushed to become a better driver but never to the point where I felt uncomfortable or unsafe. I always got on well with my instructor and I knew that I would not be entered for my test until absolutely ready. I would definitely recommend this friendly and professional company.”

Hayley C

St Albans

“I enjoyed each lesson so much it was the highlight of my day and after passing first time and having such great experiences of John’s teaching methods I am now a confident driver with great memories of learning.”

Rebekah J


“John is an excellent driving instructor. I was extremely nervous about learning to drive but he was always patient with me and made the lessons fun and relaxed. John gave me the confidence to learn how to drive by constantly providing me with constructive feedback. I would recommend John as a driving instructor to anybody wishing to learn to drive – he is exceptional!”

Ioanna D

Welwyn Garden City

“ I genuinely enjoyed my lessons with John. His patience, encouragement and experience really set him apart as a driving instructor and helped me to not only pass my test, but become a confident and safe driver.”

Alex R

Welwyn Garden City

“I had John as my driving teacher when I was learning, he’s a good teacher, very patient and clear at giving instructions in what you have to do. Great instructor I would recommend to anyone.”

Jamie G


“I always recommend John Cordell to family and friends, he’s very professional and yet friendly at the same time! I was taught at my own pace and quickly improved due to the superb way I was taught. I managed to get a lesson straight away when I called and started lessons straight away and never felt like there was time being wasted. All manoeuvres were explained simple and easy to understand. I never felt rushed or panicked as I always felt comfortable to ask questions and get extra help if I felt I needed it! I loved learning with John, Highly Recommended!”

Rachelle D

Welwyn Garden City