Pass Plus

Why Pass Plus?


Statistics prove that drivers are more likely to have an accident in their first two years of driving than at any other time and insurance premiums can be very high for new drivers. This is where Pass Plus is useful. This special course is designed by DVSA and supported by some insurance companies.

The benefits include:

  • Reduces the risk of you being involved in a car crash
  • Increases your confidence in new situations
  • It can save you money on your car insurance
  • It builds on your existing skills and knowledge.

How does it work?

Pass Plus consists of six modules and takes a minimum of six hour. The lessons are taken in a dual controlled car or, if you prefer, your own car can be used. At the end of the course there is no test and you will be issued with a certificate from DVSA which will entitle you to a discount from many insurance companies. An up to date list is available upon request.

The Modules:

Introduction to town driving

  • All weather driving
  • Driving in the countryside
  • Night driving
  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorways

In addition we can also cover areas that you would like to improve or may not have faced before.