Source: Driver Trainer

Shot of an unidentifiable businesswoman using her car's built-in GPS while driving

The government is going to implement new regulations to ensure that satnavs are current in an effort to prevent drivers from being directed down closed roads.

The new policies, which are a component of its new Plan For Drivers, involve digitising all Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs).

Temporary traffic ordinances (TROs) include things like temporary speed limits and road closures.

They weren’t automatically updated on digital systems up until this point.

This implies that drivers might not be aware that some roads are closed or that there are temporary speed limitations because they are occasionally absent from satnav systems.

Under the new regulations, satnavs will have access to valuable information like parking space locations.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) changed the practical driving test in December 2017 to include the use of satnavs so that new drivers are trained to use them safely and correctly.

The Department for Transport said in a statement that the satnav update will guarantee that drivers have access to the most recent and accurate information.

Roads minister Guy Opperman said: “This Government is on the side of drivers, which is why we’re making travelling by road much easier.

“Everyone knows the frustrations of being sent down a closed road by your satnav, so by going digital with our traffic information, we’re making sure that drivers have the very latest travel information to rely on.

“This is part of our first package of measures from our Plan for Drivers to be set out tomorrow, coming after our record £8.3 billion investment to resurface local roads, the biggest ever increase in funding for local road improvements.”