DVSA releases latest data on driving tests failure

Top test failures

DVSA releases latest data on driving tests failure


The DVSA reveals the top ten official reasons for failing a driving test.

The statistics are based on the official data collected from driving examiner reports.

Even the most competent candidates can struggle to get over the nerves and stress on the day of their test. However, some candidates are just not fully prepared and test ready.

Raising pass rates, cutting waiting times

As the DVSA struggle to reduce test waiting times following the backlogs after the pandemic lockdowns,  encouraging better preparation and being test ready could improve the pass rate. This would cut the numbers of drivers looking for a test. 

The pass rate for 2022 was 47.9%.

The government agency has revealed the ten most common mistakes. It’s is hoped that instructors can concentrate on certain techniques that examiners often find errors in.

First up is not making effective observations at junctions, and ongoing. issue for candidates and seasoned drivers too.  The correct and frequent use of mirrors, particularly before changing, remains a common fault.

Manoeuvring into the correct position when turning right at junctions also proves a stumbling block for many.



On the button

Distraction when waiting at traffic lights, or just moving off, can result in many candidates failing to move off safely.

Another regular fault is not responding appropriately to traffic lights, along with a failure to position the vehicle appropriately for the conditions, road type or junction.

Not having control of the vehicle when moving off and not keeping control of the vehicle during reverse parking also made the list of no-nos.

Be prepared

The agency’s attempt to prompt better test preparedness has generally been welcomed across the industry. ADIs .too often feel pressured into applying for a pupil to take a test before they are fully prepared.

Peter Brabin, Head of Training at Bill Plant says “it’s really interesting to have this data broken down”.

“What’s somewhat surprising is that a lot of the most common test failures are some of the very first things you’re taught when you get behind the wheel.

“That clearly just goes to show that maintaining a regular pattern of lessons is important to keep up the fundamentals”.

Brabin adds that “safety must be the upmost priority – it always has been and always will be.”




Top ten mistakes causing learners to fail their driving test

  1. Not making effective observations at junctions
  2. Not using mirrors correctly when changing direction
  3. Not having proper control of the steering
  4. Incorrect positioning when turning right at junctions
  5. Not moving off safely
  6. Not responding appropriately to traffic lights
  7. Poor positioning on the road during normal driving
  8. Not responding correctly to traffic signs
  9. Not having control of the vehicle when moving off
  10. Not keeping control of the vehicle during reverse parking
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