DVSA members vote for strike action

90.5% of members who voted said yes to taking action over changes to their terms and conditions.

PCS members in DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Services Agency) have voted overwhelmingly in favour of taking industrial action over changes to their terms and conditions.

DVSA members have voted for action by 90.5% on a turnout of 59.21%. Strike dates will be announced in due course.

The Driver Services Recovery Programme has been designed by DVSA management to reduce the waiting times for tests, but poses significant safety risks to test candidates and examiners, as well as an eroding members’ terms and conditions, such as the introduction of a mandatory seven-day operation.

Gary, a driving examiner, says: “I voted yes, as I’m concerned about a five-in-seven contract, where weekend working is mandatory. Not only does it disadvantage some people, but the infrastructure isn’t there to support colleagues or the public in the event of an incident. Weekend working is something we have always done, but on a voluntary basis, and it should be paid accordingly. Colleagues have suffered from abuse and sadly assaults and the support has been an issue.”

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “To recover a backlog of tests that was their own making, Mark Harper [secretary of state for transport] and management in the DVSA have demonstrated that they are willing not only to jeopardise our members’ safety and attack their terms and conditions. They are also showing scant regard for safety standards for driving test candidates.

“But this huge ballot result for PCS members at the DVSA indicates that that they are prepared to take strike action across England, Wales and Scotland to protect the integrity of the driving test and their existing terms and conditions.”