Source: adiNEWS

Supermarkets raised price of petrol almost every day for three months

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The UK’s four big supermarkets have raised the price of petrol almost every day for three months, the RAC has revealed.

Data from RAC Fuel Watch shows the supermarkets, which sell 45% of the country’s fuel, have increased the price of unleaded at the pumps virtually every day since 21 February.

During that three-month period the overall UK average price of petrol among all retailers dropped five times, but supermarkets still pushed up their prices.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “Our data very clearly shows the wholesale price of unleaded has increased dramatically over the last three months which has inevitably led to forecourt prices rising.

“But it is concerning to see the supermarkets, who many drivers trust to provide them with good value, putting up their prices when other smaller retailers have actually being fairer with their customers by more closely mirroring movements in the wholesale price.”