Roundabout way of failing Test candidate looks to navigate success

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Roundabout way of failing

Test candidate looks to navigate success

A woman is reported to have travelled 500 miles to take the “easiest” driving test in the country – and failed. Constance Kampfer, from London, travelled 500 miles and boarded a ferry to the Isle of Mull. Here  she borrowed a car from a local in the hope of passing at a test centre with a 90% pass rate.According to the Daily Star, it ended up as a futile endeavour. The journey was her second driving test.

Circular trip

The learner and driving test candidate has developed a fear of roundabouts while driving. So, in order to avoid facing the roundabout challenge, she decided to take her test where roundabout are scarce. The island is home to 3,000 people, is connected by a network of mainly single lane tracks, has no traffic lights and only one roundabout. However, in the end she was back where she.started!

Constance told The Times : “I was determined I would pass my driving test the second time – I simply needed to optimise my chances. A quick Google search told me where I needed to go, the Isle of Mull. I booked for the earliest available date, in mid-December.

“For their lessons, residents tend to head to Oban on the mainland where the ferry to the island departs from. None of the instructors I got hold of fancied the trip.”

Central defender

Constance got on with the arrangements herself, booked her northern test and began her fateful journey. But it wasn’t roundabouts that were her eventual downfall.

In hindsight, she realised her examiner “had mentioned a few times that I was straying too far into the middle of the road for his liking”. Unfortunately, she admits she had only “taken it to be friendly advice. Instead, it turned out to be my downfall.”

Constance will now have to try her luck again. It remains to be seen where she will take her test next.

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