Update: Emergency theory test and driving test service for critical workers

We have now restarted theory tests and practical tests in England and Wales so we want to update you on our plans for emergency theory test and driving test services for critical workers.

Emergency theory tests for critical workers

We will no longer be offering a separate emergency theory test service for critical workers as customers can now book them as normal, and we have added extra capacity by:

• increasing our opening hours to include evenings and weekends
• opening 10 temporary larger theory test centres in England

Emergency practical tests for critical workers

Due to the backlog and high demand for practical driving tests, we will continue to offer a priority service for critical workers in England or Wales that work for one of the following:

• the NHS, in health or social care
• the emergency services
• a local council

To qualify the individual must also:

• need to drive as part of their job
• respond to ‘threats to life’ as part of their job

We are continuing to work with Scottish Government about critical worker testing in Scotland and will update you in due course.

What this means to you and your pupils

If any of your pupils qualify for the service they’ll need to talk to their employer who will need to apply for them. They can find out more by visiting the emergency driving test for critical worker pages on GOV.UK