Source: Driver Trainer

DVLA’s digital drive: Streamlined licence renewal & provisional applications online

UK driver's license on a blue background

The process for upgrading your driver’s licence following test passing has been altered, according to an announcement made by the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency.

According to the DVLA, drivers can now use the Driver and Vehicles Account Service to apply for their first provisional licence and to renew the photo on their driver’s licence.

In less than a year after its launch, over 890,000 users have created accounts to use this service.

This update will make the process of renewing your photo and applying for your first provisional licence easier for both drivers and the DVLA. These are two of the driving licence transactions that generate the largest volume for the DVLA.

One of the features that this Drivers and car service now offers is the choice to have vehicle tax reminders sent to you by email or text instead of mail.

Individuals can now follow their application, select the photo they want to have on their licence, and renew their photocard licence for another ten years through their account. Once your new licence has been issued, you can also view details about it.

Aiming to “put customers at the centre of its services, with the aim of building digital services so good that people choose to use them over other channels,” the DVLA’s digital transformation plan includes this service.

First-time provisional drivers who have accounts can also view and add vehicles registered in their names, as well as view their provisional driver’s licence.

This announcement follows the DVLA’s October 2023 announcement that commercial drivers could access their tachograph information and Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) via the Driver and Vehicles Account Service.

Guy Opperman, Minister for Roads and Local Transport, said: “Renewing your driving licence should be an easy, accessible, straightforward process so that motorists can continue to drive safely. That’s why it’s great to see DVLA offer motorists the opportunity to renew their driving licence and apply for a first provisional licence all in one place, as DVLA continues to evolve into an increasingly dynamic, digital, and customer-centric organisation.”

Julie Lennard, DVLA Chief Executive, said: “We are pleased to say that 2 of our most popular services are now available through our Driver and vehicles account, providing even more convenience for our customers. We want to make transacting with us as simple and as streamlined as possible, which is why we will continue to add more features and services to the account so that our customers can get what they need from DVLA quicker and easier than ever before.”