A recent Drive Safe session took place in Brockswood Lane, Welwyn Garden City. The results of who was speeding are below, which shows that the vast majority of people observed speeding are local to the town. The fastest was seen at 48mph, and they were from WGC.
We in the Hertfordshire DriveSafe teams are doing our best to curb speeding, yet we find that all too often it is our neighbours and local people who are the main culprits. In the months ahead, the DriveSafe teams will be working with the Road Policing Units and the Safer Neighbourhood Teams to try and educate motorists. If you feel it’s okay to speed and risk other people’s lives, we will be watching for you.
Please help us to help you by complying with the speed limit, for the safety of all our residents. There is no excuse for speeding!
13 – Welwyn
2 – WGC
1 – Codicote
1 – Hertford
2 – Yorks
2 – Stevenage
1 – Luton
1 – Devon.