Catching speed camera dodgers

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New camera systems capable of snaring speeders who brake hard when they see roadside devices

We have all seen drivers slamming on the brakes at the sight of a roadside speed camera. I’m sure many of us have also accidentally strayed above the limit and done something similar when reminded by a roadside device.

However, new technology could mean that you will still be found guilty of speeding.

Following Europe

After their implementation in Spain, British drivers are being warned the tech could be coming to a road near you.

The groundbreaking new technology will penalise drivers who attempt to avoid penalties by braking harshly to slow down for speed cameras, then speed back up too quickly after passing them.

After successful trials in 2020, Spain has now started using them.

Road safety experts at Road Angel are calling for them to be used here in the UK.

No excuses

All motorists are legally responsible for driving at the correct speed limit. So, while many motorists may bemoan the imposition of such far reaching technology, there is little excuse for speeding.

Many drivers are guilty of pushing down hard on the brake pedal to reach the legal speed limit when coming up to a speed camera. Then, after passing the camera, tey push back down back down on the accelerator.

The manoeuvre often allows drivers to escape receiving any points on their licence, fines, or driving penalties.

However, the new technology has been designed to make it harder for drivers to evade penalties. It uses laser systems and ‘doppler effect technology’ to accurately record the speed of a vehicle over a certain distance.

Sensors placed before and after the camera, but linked to it, mean speeds are registered before, during and after passing the camera, as well as a picture of the passing vehicle

Cat and mouse

This is different to average speed cameras, which have become an increasingly common sight , especially around road works. This system uses two devices to record a vehicle’s number plate and calculate its average speed between both cameras.

The new system of anti-braking radars utilises new technology known as ‘cascading’.

Gary Digva, founder of Road Angel says that if introduced, “these devices will catch and penalise more speeding motorists”. In turn, the deterrent effect will soon encourage “more drivers to stick to legal limits and improve road safety”.

“It comes after the news that one in four fatal collisions occur due to speeding on UK roads,” continues Digva.  “This means that over 2,500 people are seriously injured every year due to excessive speeds”.

“These shocking statistics alone should encourage motorists to think twice before speeding, yet it’s safe to say that the new technology will penalise even more motorists who are driving in excess of the legal limit, therefore helping to keep UK roads safer for all users.

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