5 things you need to know before driving on the motorway
From Monday (4 June 2018), learner drivers will be allowed to take motorway driving lessons with an approved driving instructor.


Lessons will be voluntary

Driving instructor and pupil

Any driving lessons on the motorway will be voluntary.

We know that some people won’t want to take lessons on the motorway or don’t live close enough to one for it to be practical. But, it’s a good opportunity to further develop your skills and experience before driving on your own.


Driving with an approved driving instructor

Driving instructor and pupil 

Any lessons you take on the motorway must be with a DVSA approved driving instructor. You won’t be able to practise with friends or family on the motorway.

You can check if your driving instructor is a DVSA approved by checking that they have a green DVSA badge. This is usually displayed in their vehicle’s windscreen.

You can find an approved driving instructor using the ‘Find driving lessons, schools and instructors’ service on GOV.UK.

The Highway Code is changing

Driving instructor and pupilRule 253 of The Highway Code will be updated on 4 June 2018 to explain learner drivers are allowed on the motorway with an ADI in a car with dual controls. 


Deciding when you’re ready

Driving instructor and pupil 

Your driving instructor will let you know when you have the right skills and experience to drive in a high-speed environment, like the motorway. They won’t take you for motorway lessons until you are ready.
Taking Pass Plus lessons

Driving instructor and pupil 

You can still take Pass Plus lessons with your instructor once you’ve passed your test. Pass Plus is a good way to gain more experience driving in different conditions.